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Whole Life Insurance and the Restricted Property Trust

Whole life insurance is a permanent life insurance policies that offers death benefit protection, cash value accumulation, tax-deferred growth, and tax-free withdrawals.  The use of a whole life insurance policy is necessary within the Restricted Property Trust. The...

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7 Ways to Receive Tax-Free Income for Retirement

Will you be able to live on savings alone when you retire? The average American retires at 62, and they need to stretch out their life savings for at least two decades. Meanwhile, there's a growing trend of an increase in living costs (including skyrocketing...

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What Is A Restricted Property Trust?

The Restricted Property Trust was created to help high-income earning business owners reduce income taxes and grow assets with sizable pre-tax contributions, tax-deferred accumulation, and tax-advantaged distribution. The Restricted Property Trust is gaining momentum...

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Restricted Property Trust versus a Taxable Investment

A Restricted Property Trust (RPT) provides high-income earning business owners the opportunity to reduce income taxes and grow assets with sizable pre-tax contributions. An RPT also allows for tax-deferred accumulation and tax-advantaged distributions. But, what good...

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Restricted Property Trust: Background & History

A Restricted Property Trust is an employee benefit plan for high-income earning business owners and key employees. The first Restricted Property Trust plan was implemented in 2001. Since then, the strategy has a 100-percent successful track record with the Internal...

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